ring ring:

the only reason I actually go to bed is because I run out of things to do

i took some picures in my greatgran's garden that i should have up within the week uwu

i cant be the only one who realised the update at tumblr felt eerily familiar and then realised it's the same type of layout the posts have here

i havent been on in a while im sorry how is everyone

your mom:

it would actually be really cute if two of you ended up getting together

lofter love

i promised i would go to school today but i had a panic attack so ya


beep beep friends:


uuum well i dont have any art to show u guys but i do like photography. im not a pro (obviously) but i do sorta kinda like this one


all my chess set photos uvu


this is what happens when you don't know how to use photoshop and use it anyway


cut that promo shit out


if you participate in the acidic 'promo' culture that is starting to permeate the english/tumblr side of lofter:

  • 我那么失望的!!!!

  • 别做那!!

  • 停啊!

  • 你们非常笨!!



did someone say dusty roman-themed chess set


another unedited vacay photo








this pic of me just makes me so happy tbh and its more recent as u can see my hair is pinkish-orangey-blondish-pastel


vacation photos! unedited.

ok i think im over the initial excitement so i am coming out as a shit photographer and poet and you will be subjected to that now


lofter is a place for art like music, photography, and art. lofter isn't a place like tumblr. please refrain from reposting works from tumblr to here. you are also scaring many people away, as some artists are already addressing their concerns.

if you are making an account purely to watch artists...


this is like that episode of spongebob where they go to Rock Bottom and everyone makes fart noises after every word so Spongebob gets all confused and theres this big language barrier there thats lofter

Fault in Our Stars:


the last time i had this many people concerned about me was when i swallowed a bug in the third grade

are you rachel tice

my boyfriend is coming to visit at the end of june!! he lives 4 hours away so im v excited

bahamut zero:

so instead of hipsters and fandoms we have the natives and those weird tumblr ppl

today i went and bought a coffee at lunch on my own and thats a huge thing for me omg

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